Nov 14, 2018

Trust Officer Goes Out of Her Way to Care for a Client

Over the past few years, one of our elderly clients has been dealing with significant challenges following the loss of her spouse. Last winter, she was hospitalized and spent a long time in rehabilitative care after falling on the ice and breaking her pelvis.

Since our client does not have children, and her closest relatives live outside the area, trust officer Vikki Nielsen spent hours outside of work facilitating our client’s ability to recover at home with in-home caregiver assistance.

Without Vikki’s diligence in working with family members to screen, interview and engage home health care services and implement other safety measures, our client would be residing in a care facility instead of in her own home as she preferred. In this woman’s eyes and heart, Vikki “walks on water.”

“Our client’s primary focus during this time was on healing and with her extended family out of the area, I was ready to research and provide her the information she needed to make decisions,” Vikki remarks. “We wanted to help during this difficult time in her life because our team cares deeply about her, and it was the decent and right thing to do.”

For providing unequaled personal service, Vikki received a Bell Value Award – our company’s highest honor. The awards recognize the special ways employees take care of each other, our customers and members of the community.

“Being recognized by my peers for simply doing the right thing for our client is deeply humbling,” Vikki comments. “I’m so honored for being nominated and very grateful to work side by side every day with the best team of colleagues who share the same goals of providing unequaled personal service to our wonderful clients.”

Throughout the year, employees nominate each other for “How Bell of You” awards, which recognize those who excel in demonstrating our values of service and paying it forward. Those employees are then considered for Bell Value Awards.

“Every day, all day long, we see our colleagues going above and beyond for customers, for each other and for strangers,” Vikki says. “Having the How Bell of You Program allows us to share these impactful stories with our peers and our leaders who care deeply about ‘Happy Employees, Happy Customers.’ I’m grateful to work for an organization that celebrates goodness, compassion, and the human spirit.”

Julie Peterson Klein, Bell’s executive vice president and chief culture officer, notes that this is a special year, because it’s the sixth anniversary of the Bell Value Awards and over 1,000 stories of kindness.

“It’s the little things that matter most,” Julie remarks. “These random acts of kindness can truly change the world!”